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About us

Oakland Children's Hospital

Who are we?

Savely Healthcare Architects (SHA) is a new firm lead by a seasoned professional, Rick Savely, who has worked in the southern California healthcare industry for the last 26 years. Rick has provided senior leadership and insight to clients in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, Inland Empire and San Diego counties. He brings a depth of knowledge about the physical make up of hospitals from having had a seat at the table with healthcare administrators to help them develop a strategic approach to their master plan that addresses their needs for present day as well as projecting into the future.

What do we do?

Our services are responsive to our client’s needs. SHA can provide services identical to “some of the big boys” but with better quality control and attention to detail. SHA has access to an outstanding consulting team that can be assembled on an as needed basis. We keep our overhead low so we can be competitive and pass along the savings to our clients.

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Why Consider Savely Healthcare Architects?

The short answer is because you’ll receive a high level of service and quality deliverables for a very competitive fee. Hospitals have had to make changes and institute cuts to their services and revamp how they conduct their businesses over the last few years due to upcoming changes created by Healthcare Reform and the Accountable Care Act. Hospitals, more than ever before, will be focused on taking care of the problems the first time. We believe that architects and their consultants should partner with our healthcare clients to embrace this “lean” approach,

Work shown above was done while Rick Savely was employed with another architectural firm.