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Keeping you updated on the pending 2020 Building Code

Will the upcoming Building Code updates impact your facilities?

In October, Shawn Gosse from Savely Healthcare Architects attended the 2018 AIACC Healthcare Facilities Forum in Los Angeles. Paul Coleman, Deputy Director of OSHPD, spoke on the upcoming California Building Standards Code (CBSC) updates. We summarized the information below and just wanted to share the information to keep our clients up to date. If you have any questions or concerns on how this may or may not impact your facilities, please send us an email. 

Changes to the current California Building Standards (aka “The Code”) have been requested by various state agencies, including OSHPD, for inclusion in the 2019 California Building Standards Code. Public comments on state agency requested changes were accepted through October 29, 2018. After which, the CBSC Commission will meet through the end 2018 to review and adopt changes for publication. The updated codes will be published approximately July 2019 and formally come into effect on January 1, 2020.

No building permit will be issued for non-NPC-2 buildings after January 1, 2020, unless for (a) seismic compliance, (b) maintenance, (c) emergency repairs.
NPC Deadlines:
  • 1/1/2024; the hospital owner shall submit to OSHPD a complete nonstructural evaluation up to NPC-4 or 4D and NPC-5 for each building to remain in acute care service beyond 1/1/2030.
  • 1/1/2026; the hospital owner shall submit to OSHPD construction documents for NPC-4 or 4D or NPC-5 compliance that are deemed ready for review by OSHPD for each building to remain in acute care service beyond 1/1/2030.
  • 1/1/2028; the hospital owner shall obtain a building permit to begin construction for NPC-4 or 4D and NPC-5 for each building to remain in acute care service beyond 1/1/2030. Hospitals not meeting this deadline shall not be issued a building permit except for (a) seismic compliance, (b) maintenance, (c) emergency repairs.
  • 2030; hospitals must be NPC-4D or NPC-4 and NPC-5 compliant.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • A new seismic Non-structural Performance Category (NPC) has been added for hospitals to provide acute care functions beyond 2030. This new category requires NPC-3 compliance, has three levels and requires an Operational Plan be submitted to OSHPD specifying how the hospital will repair non structural damage and bring systems/services back on line or provide systems/services in an alternate manner to continue critical care operations.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • OSHPD Categories have been modified/created:
* OSHPD-1; realigned making this designation specific to facilities providing general acute care hospital services.
* OSHPD-1R; assigned to hospitals being removed from acute care services. OSHPD indicates a “Remove from Acute Care” project for reclassification.
* OSHPD-2; applicable to all skilled nursing facilities regardless of number of stories or construction type.
* OSHPD-5; assigned to acute psychiatric hospital as distinct from general acute care hospitals.
Health care facilities will be required to meet the California Energy Code requirements and a Building Energy Efficient Program will be required for:
* HVAC systems efficiencies,
* Indoor lighting system efficiencies,
* Water heating system efficiencies,
* Building envelope considerations.
Hospital inspector minimum qualifications have been updated.
Room ventilation requirements have been aligned with ASHRAE.
Chapter 34A for existing buildings has been repealed and the requirements added to the California Existing Building Code.