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Our Services

Owners Representative

Work with hospital administrative team to develop scope of services and establish criteria for selecting architects and contractors. Provide oversight to clients during engagement with architects and contractors.

Design Build Consultation

Align with contractors to provide early architectural consultation and guidance during the initial planning phase for contractors and owners planning to do a design build project.

Strategic Planning

Prior to development of a master plan it is important to work with senior hospital leadership to determine what the strategic business plan looks like. The strategic plan will help to determine what the master plan will become.

Master Planning

Based on the strategic needs of a hospital a master plan can be developed with input from senior hospital leadership to determine what the future hospital will look like and what services it will offer.

Peer Review

Review work done by others to determine completeness of documents, etc.

Functional & Space Programming

Meet with user groups to determine the functionality of the departments space needs and then develop a space program identifying what spaces are needed, how many spaces are needed and what size.


SHA can handle small to medium sized architectural projects. And we provide complete architectural services for the healthcare industry.

Construction Document Preparation

We specialize in preparing construction documents for mid-range to small size remodels and additions.

Construction Observation

Observe construction by the general contractor and act as the owner's agent during the construction process.