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MCH Dental Clinic

Photo credit: Assassi Productions

Project: Miller Children's Dental Clinic

Role & Responsibilities: Principal in Charge, Primary Client Contact, Programming and Planning

To make way for the Miller Children’s Hospital Pediatric Addition, the existing Children’s Dental Clinic needed to be relocated from the basement of the Children’s hospital to an outpatient building in another location on the hospital campus. The move gave the clinic an opportunity to grow and add more square footage than they previously had. More space allowed more children to receive quality dental care. Miller Children’s Hospital is committed to serving children of low-income families and children with physical, mental and/or emotional considerations.

  • Improved patient accessibility
  • Large waiting room for patients and their families
  • Education Center
  • Administrative Offices
  • Treatment areas for:
    • General Dental Care
    • Orthodontics
    • Specialty Care
    • Recovery Rooms
Because of the sensitivity of these pediatric patients, we integrated a colorful palette of primary colors to aid in the distraction; it also adds a little fun and energy to the environment.

Work shown in this project was done while Rick Savely was employed with another architectural firm.