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MCH West Renovation

Photo credit: Assassi Productions

Project: Miller Children's Hospital - West Renovation

Role & Responsibilities: Principal-in-Charge (Programming & Planning)

The renovation of a 16,000-square-foot area expands the existing pediatric unit at Miller Children’s Hospital in order to meet the growing market demand for more pediatric beds. This project also provided the unique opportunity to serve as a full-scale mock-up for the addition of a Pediatric Addition on the opposite side of campus. From functional aspects to materials, finishes and motifs, the team was able to evaluate every inch of the space with user groups to learn where there was room for improvement.

  • 27 beds (4 private, 10 semi-private and 3 negative pressure isolation rooms)
  • Nurse’s station
  • Family waiting area
  • Physical rehabilitation training room
  • Rehabilitation bathtub
  • Staff lounge
  • Administrative spaces
  • Cityscape imagery that uses design elements, patterns and textures to suggest city sights while leaving room for interpretation by each child’s imagination
It is not every day that you have the opportunity to do a full-scale mock-up. It gave us the ability to test our concepts, design theories and materials. After the unit was open we even conducted a thorough POE. We walked through the completed project with the users to learn what we can do to make things just a little better. 

Work shown in this project was done while Rick Savely was employed with another architectural firm.